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The Barker Code
of Color/Fabric Representation

Museum Masterpieces

American Gothic

Homage to “American Gothic”, by Grant Wood (2012) mixed media, 17 x 22.

“American Gothic” (30 ¾ x 25 ¾) is an oil on beaver board painting done in 1930. It was purchased by the Art Institute of Chicago in 1930 when it won third prize in an art competition there.

Grant Wood (1891-1942) was an American who grew up on an Iowa farm.

Briefly described: The house in the upper background has a bullet shaped window (German Gothic) under its roof. A stern looking farmer stands on the right with a three pronged pitchfork in his hand, wearing a white shirt and a black dress jacket over his bib overalls. The farmer is bald and wearing wire rim glasses as he looks straight ahead. On the left stands his spinster daughter, with a dotted apron over her black dress, with a cameo at her neck. She has her blond hair pulled back with a thick tress hanging down the back of her neck, and she gazes moodily off to the right.