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The Barker Code
of Color/Fabric Representation

Creating The Pictures

Trace or create the picture you wish.

Use tracing paper to transfer the image to an easily manageable media. Don't be afraid to be creative.


Transfer picture to freezer paper Once traced, transfer the tracing onto freezer paper for ease of pattern making. Many quilting books describe this technique. Local Quilting Clubs are a great source of information.  
Paper, Scissors, Cutouts of paper to be assembled

Choose the size of your picture and the material you will be mounting it on early in the process.

This will help square-up the picture.


Choose among the many fiber battings you find in quilt stores.

Remember light, fluffy batting denotes a light hue. Harder batting denotes darker hues. Foam rubber is closest to the true or neutral color.


Some fabrics need to have a Fray Check or Fray Block to keep them unravelling; or sew on the narrow seam allowances. Fray Check or Fray Block is best applied before sewing.  


This is the picture of Ohio in Progress. I've used several types of cord to layout the interstates on the state outline.

Don't be afraid to be creative.